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No Poo

June 9, 2012

My latest trial came from reading this blog post (below) about a mother who went ‘shampoo-less”. After diving in I have been using only a ‘rinse’ of baking soda, apple cider vinegar and water and massage it in and then rinse it out.  I’ve had many after thoughts, and no regrets, yet.  When my mom had trouble with skin sores with many of the shampoos she tried we searched for a ‘good’ one…but why do we think we need it at all? Of course I don’t like my hair oily, but maybe soap doesn’t always have to be the answer.   Maybe we are just so use to having that feeling of wonderful sudsie-ness we don’t even consider not having it.  After reading a couple different sites about going no poo one actually said that your head over produces oil to compensate the effects of shampoo. I know pH balance makes a big difference on your scalp, I’ve had some shampoos just give me dandruff and others not and knowing vinegar and baking soda create a good pH. As far as their ‘oil breaking down’ capabilities you wouldn’t think they’d do such a good job as soap but its a very pure refreshing feeling and I don’t feel oily afterwards. They do say that shampoos leave residues and ‘gunk’ on your hair and there is a period from 2 weeks to 2 months to get a good balance again. But I say, so far so good – and It’s gotta be so much healthier than putting all those chemicals on your head. Give it a try.

After a couple weeks I felt a minimal of difference and then I was given some shampoo and thought well I’ll use it up- after just a couple washes my hair was heavy and covered in a film that wouldn’t dry as easily, and my scalp felt like it never could wash it off – I was looking forward to going back to my no poo routine. Of course shampoo is suppose to ‘protect’ and ‘moisturize’ your hair but that was just ridiculous that a ‘salon’ style shampoo would just make me want to take another shower, and I only like taking showers every other day, my vinegar mix seems to fit that schedule. It took me a good 4 showers to finally feel like the shampoo was washing out – I’ve decided to use the rest of the shampoo as bubble bath.

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