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Holiday Dinners, My Cooking, and the Dying Recipe- Part I

December 5, 2012

‘Tis the holiday season which makes me think of warm roasted turkeys beside cranberry sauce and dinner rolls…holiday_meal

Growing up we had our holiday meals, which most likely included some form of meat, mash potatoes and gravy with noodle/lettuce salad on the side or a boiled veggie with dinner rolls. They were prepared with love and seemed more delicious than other meals of the year.

Other occasions, such as a friend or family get together, were served pizza-chinese-food_300with most likely spaghetti beside garlic bread and a boiled veggie- as that’s easy to prepare and will feed a good number. We had ‘cooked’ meals at home but they weren’t great Gramma’s famous recipes, and they were most likely cooked using the three B’s — baked, boiled, or broiled. And if it wasn’t cooked at home we’d order pizza, fried chicken or Chinese takeout. Restaurant food always tended to taste so much better; either because it was of course, fried, or something about it made you think you couldn’t make at home.

I was never interested in being in the kitchen because I never really loved food but I’m getting better. The first years of marriage I literally knew how to make spaghetti, devilled eggs, omelets, and pancakes; give or take a few others. Israel patiently taught me what he knew about cooking; since then my in-laws, Asian friends, and the internet has filled in the big blank file in my brain under ‘cooking’. Because I had limited previous knowledge and was taught “Asian” style, I have created my own cooking style. Not really ‘western’ and not really ‘Asian’. tofu (2)I don’t really know ‘traditional’ dishes of my husbands island therefore I am not biased to ingredients. Sometimes I put this sauce with that veggie, or that meat with this spice-and Israel will come home and ask “what did you put with this? Its good.” But he would have never put those two and two together because they don’t ‘belong’ together. And I no longer think that I cannot re-create restaurant food, it is possible, and you probably can make it in a more healthy way.

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