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Spring has sprung on me.

April 10, 2013

I’m glad they got to see the Vancouver on a clear day because the day we took this walk we got soaked!

Its been awhile since I wrote.  1-IMG_5907Just before Christmas I found out we’re
gonna have a baby! The following months were up and down with pregnancy symptoms, although I was thankful I wasn’t vomiting, they weren’t the best months. The end of February slipped into March with the arrival of visiting family. I considered it my ‘fun’ time with them in Vancouver, it was their first time being out west and I was feeling great getting into my second trimester.

1-IMG_1810 March went by… I don’t know quite how.  I started to feeling the baby move in there quite early….and now April has literally sprung on me. We had our 20 week ultrasound and we found out we are expecting a baby boy.  1-croppedbigEven though I feel him daily and he has become part of me, it is hard sometimes to wrap your brain around that he will be joining our family in August. I feel like repeating Pinocchio “A boy, a real live boy!”

The weather has begun to change giving the warm sun a chance to warm up our days. I enjoy every walk I take in the warm mild air infused with the scents of cherry and magnolia blooms among other planted flowers. And the birds, slowly imputing their song into every corner of the urban landscape.
Here’s some pictures from my spring.

Cherry trees line the street, all the way down the hill.

This little Song Sparrow sat still for quite awhile, I think he was soaking up the warm sunshine as much as 1-IMG_5952I was.

The Mourning Cloak is one of the first butterflies to emerge in the east and the west because they over winter as a pupa and as soon as it gets warm enough they are flitting about.


Mourning Cloak

The Pacific Tree Frog is out as well. They can make such a loud call for such a little green guy.





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